World Languages

WES1000/WES2000     SPANISH 1/SPANISH 2     YEAR

Students enrolled in these courses will develop increasing vocabulary and knowledge of finer points of grammar and culture of Spanish speaking cultures around the world.  Advanced studies will enable students to refine oral and written communication. Topics and projects are carefully selected to help students broaden the range of situations in which they can operate, connect language study to other disciplines and use the language inside and outside of the classroom setting.


WPH1000     HAWAIIAN 1     YEAR

This course is designed for the beginning Hawaiian language learner or those who have had very limited exposure to language in elementary and intermediate/middle schools. Students begin the study of Hawaiian language and culture by developing a basic repertoire of learned material needed to comprehend and respond to simple social situations of a daily and recurring nature. Emphasis is placed upon development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills..


WPH2000     HAWAIIAN 2     YEAR

The first semester serves as a transition in which students reinforce and draw upon earlier study and continue the development of their listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiencies so that they can engage in simple conversations and handle routine situations. Simple reading and listening selections and cultural topics help students to recognize aspects of daily life in other cultures and develop insight into other cultural perspectives.