Symptom: The Xerox is jammed.


  • Clear the jam. Yes, it's really that simple. The 7970s were purchased specifically due to the paper travel design which does not travel through a labyrinthian maze like traditional copy machines, making it next to impossible to have trouble clearing a paper jam. The Elementary C60 is a different beast. It is, admittedly, not quite as simple as one of the 7970s, but it's still much simpler than a traditional copy machine.
  • If you find yourself constantly clearing a jam, especially for the same print job (you clear a jam, your print job resumes, it immediatly jams again), then this is a real paper jam issue and should be brought to the attention of the Tech Coordinator. These types of jams are usually caused by something a Xerox tech has to come and fix. The time between calling a Xerox tech and them showing up is anywhere between 2-48 hours.