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The most common reason for your laptop not producing any sound when hooked up to your projector and speakers is that it's trying to push audio through the HDMI cable, rather than the auxiliary cable. Refer below for a visual tutorial on checking your audio output.

On the bottom left of your desktop, right click on the volume icon.


Select 'Playback devices'.


You'll see a list of all outputs your laptop thinks can receive audio. If 'Conexant SmartAudio HD' already has a green checkmark, then your audio issue does not have to do with selecting the correct output. Return to the left and look at other common audio issues. Otherwise, select it, and click the 'Set Default' button, then click 'OK'. Audio is now correctly outputting to the aux cable going to your set of speakers. 


The second most common reason you have no audio is that your soundbar is set to the wrong input. For Philips soundbars, you need to ensure they're set to 'Music iLink', NOT 'Auxiliary'

The proper input setting on a Philips soundbar.