There are six network connected printers available to staff on campus:

  1. Elementary - Xerox C60

  2. MS - Xerox 7970

  3. HS - 2 x Xerox 7970

  4. Main Office - Xerox 7970

  5. Registrar - Xerox 7970 

Common Issues and Solutions:

Out of Supplies (toner, paper, staples, etc):

Ask the Main Office to re-order any supply item you use. Do not wait until all of an item is used up (ie: toner) as it takes 2-5 days for Xerox to ship supplies.

Paper Jam:

All machines have illustrated instructions that walk you through how to clear a jam. If a jam occurs repeatedly in the same spot, then inform the Main Office that the machine needs to be serviced by a Xerox rep.

Printer is Offline:

First ensure it’s the printer. Type one of the following ip addresses into your web browser and see if you’re able to connect. If you are able to connect through your web browser, then you usually just need to restart your computer to resolve your “printer offline” issue:

  1. Elementary Xerox:

  2. MS Xerox:

  3. HS Xerox 1:

  4. HS Xerox 2:

  5. Main Office:

  6. Registrar:

If that does not resolve your issue, then inform the Tech Coordinator.

Need to install a printer:

Printer installation on a chromebook can be done yourself:

  1. Go to your Chromebook settings

  2. Type ‘printer’ in the search bar and select ‘Printers’

  3. Click ‘Add Manually’

  4. Give the printer you’re adding a name

  5. Use the corresponding ip address for the printer you’re adding from the list above

  6. If you are adding the Elem Xerox, you will have one additional step; you must select Generic when it prompts for a manufacturer, and then select the very last driver at the bottom of the drop down menu

You have no idea how to use the machine:

  1. Xerox C60 Manual

  2. Xerox 7970 Manual