Staff Infinite Campus/State Google:

Call the Central Service Desk at 1-808-564-6000.

Student Google:

Contact the Tech Coordinator. These requests have to be forwarded to Honolulu so do not expect a quick turnaround.

Student Infinite Campus:

Either you or a student can contact the Tech Coordinator to get a password reset.

IXL/Stepping Stones/Achieve3000/Edgenuity/<Insert any other educational service you’re using with your students>:

The tech coordinator can not help you with these passwords. You, as a teacher, generally have a teacher account associated with these specific services that allows you to view/reset your student passwords. If you can’t remember your teacher account, you need to contact whoever gave you access to begin with. It wasn’t the tech coordinator.

Lotus Notes (Windows/OS X Application):

Trick question. We don’t use Lotus anymore!

HI DOE Intranet Password:

Follow the instructions at:


Call the CSD at 1-808-564-600 and tell them you need to reset your DOE Intranet password.

At the conclusion of this process, it can take anywhere from a minute to a few hours for it to actually go into effect. To save yourself frustration wondering if you did it correctly, just wait and try to log in with your new password the following day.