Speak Now Anti-Bullying App

We are excited to introduce the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) Speak Now Anti-Bullying Mobile Application (App).

The Speak Now App is a reporting tool that will provide another mechanism for students to report incidents of bullying on DOE campuses, transportation, and during DOE-sponsored activities that they have either experienced or witnessed.

This Speak Now App does not replace the positive and trusting relationships that students have with campus educators and staff. We continue to encourage students to report bullying incidents to their teachers, counselors and administrators.

In order to report a bullying incident on the Speak Now App, students will need to download the app from Apple iTunes or the Google Play Store. Students may also go to using an Internet Browser to submit a tip.

A student is not required to submit any personally identifiable information in order to use Speak Now. Personally identifiable information will only be accessible through Speak Now if a student voluntarily includes it within the content of an incident report. 

For instructions on how to use the Speak Now app, please go to


KHPES Dress Code/Uniforms

Background Information: All role groups in the school community have been involved in the dialogue and decision-making for a move toward a dress standard at KHPES. Students played a large part in the selection of style and colors based on preference, practicality of clothing, maintenance, and costs. Reference: Hawaii Board of Policy #4410 on Dress Code and School Uniforms.

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