7th Grade Physical Exam

he Hawaii State Departments of Education (DOE) and Health (DOH) are collaborating on ways to protect and ensure the health of our keiki. Adolescence is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, and social change, and a physical examination can help to prevent health issues from developing.

Beginning with School Year 2017-18, all 7th graders must complete a physical examination pursuant to state law. It is important that families plan ahead and schedule appointments early to ensure their child's physical exam is completed in a timely manner before the new school year begins.

Well-child visits are an annually covered benefit under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). On the day of your child's appointment, please provide the primary care provider with a Student Health Record (Form 14).

KHPES Dress Code/Uniforms

Background Information: All role groups in the school community have been involved in the dialogue and decision-making for a move toward a dress standard at KHPES. Students played a large part in the selection of style and colors based on preference, practicality of clothing, maintenance, and costs. Reference: Hawaii Board of Policy #4410 on Dress Code and School Uniforms.

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