KHPES Teacher of the Year: Angela Miyashiro

Dr. Angie Miyashiro was honored as Kau High and Pahala Elementary's Teacher of the Year at the Hilo Chapter HSTA Teachers of Excellence Award Luncheon on April 22, at the Nani Mau Gardens in Kea'au. Along with her husband, Stewart Miyashiro, Teacher of the Year at Pahoa High, they were congratulated by Governor Ige during the procedures. Governor Ige addressed the attendees.

Joining Dr. Miyashiro at the festivities were Mrs. Beck, Principal; David Berry, Special Education Teacher, and Siobhan Todd, Special Education Language Arts Teacher.

Congratulations Dr. Miyashiro from your faculty, staff and students!

School Community Council

Ka'u School Community Council (SCC) is a form to exchange ideas regarding students achievement and school improvement among the stakeholders: principals, teachers, school staff, parents, students and community members. The purpose is to participate in the process to ensure that the needs of the students are met and to advise the principal on the overall education plan for the school.

The public is invited to attend SCC meetings. If you are interested in being an integral part of the SCC, please contact Angie Miyashiro: 313-4100.