Multidisciplinary & Personal Transition Plan

XYY8610 / XYY8630 / XYY8650 / XYY8670     YEARBOOK PRODUCTION 1/2/3/4     YEAR

These courses introduce students to planning and producing the school’s yearbook. Writing of copy, captions, and headlines; typing; designing and completing layouts; working with photography; and meeting deadlines are included.

Students in 2nd through 4th year levels build on their previous experiences and assume greater responsibility for planning and production of portions of the yearbook.  Advanced students are assigned sections to edit, and plan and supervise the work of others on the sections. As editors, they also work with faculty members and the administrative staff in planning, scheduling, and carrying out the work to be done. Recommended Prerequisite:  Teacher Approval



This semester credit is required for graduation.  It provides students with knowledge and skills in learning about themselves, exploring life goals, careers and occupations, relating school subjects to future career needs, and making tentative long and short-range educational and/or career plans.  All graduating Seniors will be automatically placed in this course.  You can not sign up for this course.