Principal - Sharon Beck

Vice Principal - Deisha Davis

Athletic Director - D. Kalei Namohala

HS Staff

Harry McIntosh - CTE: Digital Media/PHS/Yearbook

TBD - CTE: Culinary/Natural Resources

Angela Miyashiro - CTE: Health Pathways

David Santos - ELL

Anthony Rypka - Hawaiian/Spanish

Matthew Roddy - Physical Education

Chayanee Brooks - 9th/10th grade Language Arts

TBD - 9th through 12th grade Language Arts

TBD - 9th grade Language Arts and Art

Tolu Rasmussen - Algebra/Geometry

Laura Pereira - Algebra

TBD - Math Workshop

Ted Brattstrom - Chemistry/Physical/Earth Science

Sonja Caldwell - Biology/Physiology/Plant Systems

TBD - Modern Hawaiian History/Economics/Poli Sci/AP Geography

TBD - US/World History

David Berry - SPED FSC

Siobhan Todd - SPED

Mychael Moe - SPED

Drew Tunstall - SPED

MS Staff

TBD - MS English

Anthony Rypka - Hawaiian Culture

TBD - MS Social Studies, MS Math

Harry McIntosh - Yearbook

Mackenzie Franklin - MS English Lab

Cole Stalter - MS English

Lia Rinearson - MS Social Studies

TBD - MS Earth and Life Sciences

TBD - MS Math and Math Workshop

Jensen Sato - MS Health/PE

TBD - CTE AG/Tech Ed

TBD - Math Workshop

Ted Brattstrom - MS Earth Science

David Santos - MS ELL Lab


David Berry - SPED FSC

Janice Javar - SPED

Mychael Moe - SPED


Lynne Fukuda - Pre-K

Deborah Dickerson - K

Stay up to date with Mrs. Dickerson and her kindergarten students with the Aloha News!

TBD - 1st Grade

Cecile Daquioag - 2nd Grade

Bernice Will - 3rd Grade

Matthew Elizares - 4th Grade

TBD - 5th Grade

Amy Hinton - 6th Grade

Lisa Simmerman - SPED


Registrar - William Stephenson

Literacy Coach ELA - Cheryl Maesaka

Literacy Coach Math - Dexsilyn Navarro

High School Counselor - Laura Walker

Student Services Coordinator - Laurie Strand

Student Activities & Testing Coordinator - Trixy Grace

SASA - Liza Saplan

Account Clerk - Kiley Grace

Office Assistant - Shai Lopez-Castaneda

Office Assistant - Ruth Villa

Athletic Trainer - Moses Whitcomb

SBBH Clinical Psychologist - Dr. Lorri Bolton

SBBH Behavioral Specialist - Jessica Carroll

SBBH Behavioral Specialist - Ruth Bass

School Safety & Security Officer - Mark Pocock

Health Aide - Jonette Gaston

School Food Services Manager - Suzette Louis

Head Custodian - Josephine Wroblewski