Ka'u High Chess Club     |     Adviser: Mr. Rasmussen     |     Meeting Room: E29     |     Time: Every Lunch Recess



The club shall be called “Ka’u High Chess Club.” It can be shortened and referred to as “Ka’u Chess Club” or abbreviated to be “KCC.” Hereinafter, it shall be referred to as “club.”


The purpose of the club is to provide a place and opportunity for the students at Ka’u High School to play, enjoy, and enjoy chess in a recreational and/or competitive manner.


Section 1. Active membership shall be open to any student in Ka’u High who has earned a minimum 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (or is a first semester freshman) and has been approved by majority vote of the executive board.

Section 2. Any faculty or staff member of the school may be are allowed to participate in club activities however shall not have any voting privileges and hold an officer position.

Section 3. Membership shall not be denied to anyone based off of age, gender, sex, religion, handicap, disability, or national origin.

Section 4. A quorum of members must be appointed by the executive board at the beginning of each school year.


Section 1. The titles and responsibilities of each office are stated as following:

  1. President: Daryl Moreira

    1. Responsible for overseeing and enforcing the duties of other executive officers and to assume the duties of another officer in the case of a temporary absence or vacancy.

    2. Call and preside over all executive board and general body meetings.

    3. Act as Chess Club’s chief contact with faculty and other student organizations.

  2. Vice President: Brennen Nishimura

    1. Performs the duties of the President if absent.

    2. Responsible for the general activities, such as information sessions or other events.

    3. Assist President if needed.

  3. Secretary: Jim Esquida

    1. Keeps records of all executive board and general body meetings.

    2. Maintain a list of active memberships.

    3. Take attendance quickly and efficiently, and keep permanent attendance records.

    4. Responsible for maintaining all routes of communication with members.

  4. Treasurer: Ezra Ramones

    1. Design and plan fundraising efforts and events (includes calculating program costs, setting fundraising goals, and setting a timeline for fundraising.)

    2. Lead fundraising efforts and events.

Section 2. In the event that a club officer is believed to not be adequately fulfilling the duties as described in section IV, that club officer can be removed from his or her position through agreement by the remaining club officers. The impeachment requires a vote by 3/5 of the existing chess club board.


Section 1. Election of officers shall occur at a business meeting which is anticipated to occur during the second semester. Officer terms shall last for one year and begin upon being elected and end at the following election. No officer may hold office for more than three (3) consecutive terms. All officers must have attended a majority of club meetings during the academic school year in which they are elected.

Section 2. Nominations (self or otherwise) shall be made known to the executive board who shall publicize the names as soon as possible.

Section 3. An officer shall be elected after receiving a majority of votes cast. If a majority is not achieved then a run-off election between the two (2) top candidates with the most votes shall be held. The candidate then receiving the highest number of votes shall be considered elected to office.


Section 1. A regular meeting shall be held at least once per semester while school is in session. The purpose of a regular meeting shall be to advance the purposes of the club. A quorum of active members must be in attendance and any motion shall pass by a favorable vote of the majority of members present.

Section 2. A business meeting shall be held at least once per academic school year and may be held at the same time as a regular meeting. The purpose of a business meeting shall be to conduct the business of the club including but not limited to elections. A quorum of active members must be in attendance and motions shall pass by a favorable vote of the majority of members present.

Section 3. A quorum shall consist of a majority of active members.


Section 1. The club shall have an executive board consisting of all club officers.

Section 2.  The executive board shall have authority to handle the administrative affairs of the club.


Section 1. The club policies we have are stated as following:

  1. No Backseat Gaming

    1. “Backseat gaming” refers to any remark, positive or negative, that is used during a chess game by spectators, that affect one or both players’ game.

    2. Failure to comply will result in a game in which the violator will play against another member while having several club members backseat gaming against said violator.


Any active member may at any business meeting move to amend this constitution and shall provide a written statement of the amendment. Every effort shall be made by the executive board to publish the amendment to all active members. The amendment shall be voted on at the next two meetings of the Club and pass by a majority vote at each meeting.